The journey begins

I am a perfectionist, so I only undertake projects that I can implement as a whole, from the starting point to the complete arrangement. The road to your dream interior can be long, so before we set off on this journey, let’s meet at my Studio. During the conversation, we have a chance to get to know each other, define the style, define expectations and needs. Then we will be able to decide whether we want to go together in one direction to realize a timeless, functional and modern interior.

We take the direction

We prepare the concept of the interior, first in the form of a projection with the layout of rooms, partitions and buildings. Sometimes we create a space completely from scratch. We are working on it until the effect is satisfactory. Currently, I am working on many houses and suburban villas. Cooperation begins with consultations with the building’s constructor. It is similar in the case of development investments – changes in the layout of a flat or apartment can bring many functional solutions. This is our main goal at this stage. We extend the functional design with 2D views of key importance for ergonomics or detailed visualizations taking into account all spatial elements.

Vision of space and texts

The next step is to create a 3D visualization that reflects the shape of the arrangement in a very realistic way. The previously established functional aspects included in the plans and views of the walls are supplemented with original ideas. I am looking for a combination of ergonomics and timeless design. I propose non-standard solutions, but built on my many years of experience related to the possibilities of implementation. So we open minds and hearts to fully feasible and innovative ideas. At this stage, we also make preliminary decisions about the selection of products and materials. We compose key elements due to the parameters that we follow with those that stole our hearts.

We approve the plan

If the concept we created is exactly what you were looking for, then we go to action. The contract for implementation is a formality, but before we sign it, you get to know the exact work schedule and cost estimate. The implementation of my projects is carried out by DECORPROJECT – a general interior contractor. At this stage, we finally decide on the choice of products and materials – wood species, ceramics collection or fittings. We already know the cost of changing the layout and making the installation and other key elements. Then we calculate the cost estimate that is to include the other products. In this way, my proposals are already correlated with the implementation budget.


The apartment is finished on the basis of a plan and professionally prepared detailed designs. Thanks to this, everyone knows what to do. Depending on the demands placed on us by a given interior, we employ the best specialists in tiles, flooring, glaziers, electricians and floorers. I conduct author’s supervision at key moments for the project. During this time, we can visit the premises together and watch the progress of work. On a daily basis, the lead architect and the project coordinator supervise the implementation. At this time, we start planning home furnishings.

We’re headed for the goal

At this stage, we finally decide on the shape and functionality of the equipment, and the selection of movable furniture and window fabrics. We remove the final dimensions for the detailed designs of the bodies after finishing the finishing. In this way, we avoid situations where the dream kitchen will have unnecessary reflectors. We also confirm this stage with the development contract and orders for smaller elements of equipment.

Are you at home

After finishing the finishing works, we give the interior the last touch. Soft fabrics, decorations and details emphasize the original character of the space. Now that everything is ready, we arrange a pickup. This is our favorite moment, the happiness and admiration of the household members always spread to us, even if we spent long hours on the implementation.