Over the last several years, I have designed and coordinated the arrangement of various types of interiors – flats, houses, apartments, villas and residences. Although the expectations, tastes or even financial possibilities of my clients are very different, all my projects have a common denominator. It consists of functionality, modernity and timelessness. My clients are people who are aware of the impact on the natural environment and are responsible in this respect – leaders, managers, people who influence people and their attitudes. I try to help them in this area and suggest both proven solutions how to reach for new ones. In this way, we learn and develop together.

Do you know that…?

Scientific research shows that a poorly designed interior starts to irritate us after just two weeks. Even if it is aesthetically very effective, the overall feeling will be negative due to the lack of functionality.


In my projects, I put great emphasis on ergonomics. I try to find as much storage space as possible – hidden wardrobes and lockers, which we appreciate much more in everyday use than dust-catching shelves and shelves. I ask my clients about their lifestyle and hobbies so that everything has its place. For example, for an airplane pilot, an easily accessible suitcase compartment will be important, while for a family who goes on vacation once a year, it is enough to store suitcases on the top shelf in a wardrobe or wardrobe.


I promote durable, ecological materials and neutral interiors. Based on the canons of design, always stylish and being a showcase of the household for many years. Interiors that provide a solid base for the expression of household members at different stages of their lives. I appreciate minimalistic arrangements that, thanks to their simplicity, allow you to rest from the excess of stimuli. Light, both artificial and natural, plays a large role in my projects, around which I compose the functions and character of individual zones of the house. I also rely on the principles of Feng Shui and modern psychological knowledge.


I perceive modernity through the prism of the potential benefits offered by the solutions available on the market – improving functionality, safety or reducing the negative impact on the environment. Smart home technology, i.e. the so-called „smart home”, increases the comfort of use, allows you to create effective lighting scenes or manage your home remotely. Modernity is also a reliable protection of the house against burglary, which is ensured by a properly designed alarm system. After all, modernity is ecology – durable, environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving solutions.