I propose several forms of cooperation so that everyone can find a formula tailored to their expectations. It is also dictated by my limited availability and depending on whether we manage to reach a consensus on a shared vision of working on the project.


To begin with, I suggest a short, 20-minute meeting with me and our senior architect. This is an opportunity to ask questions that are not answered on our website and get to know each other personally. Importantly, the first meeting does not oblige you to anything – you can resign at no cost or continue.

For whom?

The first, free meeting is also a good solution if you did not come to my studio on recommendation and you are not sure if you want to meet me. However, you care about the comprehensive finishing of the property – apartment, house or suburban residence. Perhaps you will like our senior architect so much that you will decide to directly carry out the entire design process with him.

Free meeting at a glance:

– You learn what our projects and realizations look like

– You learn the principles of cooperation

– You can get more information at no cost



Very often we get customers who ordered a house, apartment or flat arrangement design in the so-called a design company with no experience in implementation. This generates a lot of problems and often additional costs and disappointments. Such designs contain errors and distortions, e.g. they show hidden doors as flush on two sides, while they are flush with the wall plane in only one room. This, in turn, changes the arrangement possibilities. There are more problems, also those related to functionality. Each of these solutions, when confronted with the executive reality, turns out to be a painful blow to a fashionable concept. This is when some of you realize that something is wrong and the project needs to be refined. Let’s talk about it. I’ll tell you how we handle it at SADLER.

For whom?

We dedicate consultations on the „entrusted” project to people who already have a project, but want to improve it, refine it or throw it away and start anew. In such situations, I help to find a solution or propose an offer for a new concept in cooperation with me or supplemented with the selection of materials and designing defective solutions by DECORPROJECT architects. The latter solution often allows you to avoid double project costs, because the DECORPROJECT company performs the detailed design at the finishing price.

My advice is a bit more expensive in the case of a entrusted project and its cost ranges from PLN 1,800 to PLN 3,000 depending on what the project contains and how it is presented. It is enough to send the project before the consultation and you will receive the cost of the advice on this basis.

Consultation of the „entrusted” project in short:

– You have a design, but you know that it needs refinement or repair

– You gain solutions that translate into the finishing realities

– The cost varies depending on the scope of cooperation

If you want to consult your project or discuss how to implement it, please fill in the form – we will contact you and arrange the details of the consultation.



One form of cooperation with me is the initial plan consultation. During a 90-minute meeting, I present my ideas for the interior and examples of solutions. The cost of such a consultation is PLN 1600. This is a good way to start cooperation. I open up and use my experience, and you can benefit from the comments and ideas provided, even if we do not sign a contract for the full scope of design work. Upon express request, after consultation, I can prepare a design offer. A positive decision to start cooperation will result in the consultation amount being included in the agreed value of the design work.

For whom?

Consultation before buying a project is a good solution for the undecided. Perhaps you want to check to what extent you will like my ideas, whether it is the style of work and solutions you are looking for. It is also an opportunity to look at the interior in a completely new light, discovering possibilities that have not been taken into account so far. If a decision is made to start cooperation, consultation will be its best start.

Consultation at a glance:

– I present a sample of my possibilities and an initial arrangement concept for your interior

– You can use ideas regardless of whether we sign a contract

– Cost PLN 1600