Sadler’s studio

Sadler is a unique service dedicated to people who expect more. More understanding for ambitious interior ideas, more finishing options, more involvement in the design process and perfect implementation. As a result, original, representative arrangements are created that respond to the needs and lifestyle of our clients. Here, luxury means comfort and tailor-made beauty.

A team for special tasks

The Sadler studio, although it is my original concept, would not exist without a team of wonderful specialists, whom I include in the interior design process. They are experienced architects, installation designers and proven contractors whose skills I know from many years of cooperation within DECORPROJECT. Thanks to this, I can offer customers not only interior design, but also smart home solutions, alarm systems and unusual buildings. Together with our specialists, we also provide comprehensive styling including the selection of equipment, accessories, window decorations, and even paintings or graphics – everything that builds the unique character of the interior.

My role

With such a diverse and specialized team, what is my role in the arrangement process? Personally, I deal with setting the vision and all aspects relevant to the project. Details, individual smaller functionalities or the selection of samples are carried out by a dedicated architect who assists me in the design and applies the findings to the drawings. I also watch over the course of work, the quality of materials, and I make sure that the end result is not only satisfactory, but breathtaking.

Shared values

An individual approach and focus on quality allow for the implementation of ambitious projects. Interior architects who work with me on Sadler projects share the values ​​of ecology and love of nature, they also want to go beyond the box. The openness of customers, combined with the potential of the interiors we arrange, create ideal working conditions – the possibility of creating functional, modern and timeless projects.

Exceptional projects require exceptional people. It is they who contribute with me to the above-average quality of Sadler’s service and implementation.