Anna Sadowska

The owner of the studio, CEO in the construction industry, designer, precursor, leader, manager.


Designing is my passion and work at the same time. Thanks to this combination, I was able to create and develop several dynamic companies in the design and construction industry. Besides being a leader, I also fulfill myself as a wife and mother. It was in this order – from the professional to the private sphere – that my knowledge, identity and personality were built.


Tailor-made project
Personally, I am involved in the entire arrangement process, putting emphasis on getting to know the needs of home owners and adjusting the design to their lifestyle. That is why the starting point is a quiet conversation, patient analysis of expectations, inspiration and ideas for the interior. My role is to give them a shape, translating the vision into a precisely prepared house design. A home that will be not only effective and stylish, but above all functional, comfortable and safe.

What are the benefits of working with me?
1) An individual approach to your individual needs and help in defining them.
2) Experience in designing and comprehensive interior finishing from the Premium segment.
3) Trust and discretion that create not only beautiful interiors, but also valuable relationships.
4) A sense of security in the course of both design and finishing works thanks to the support of a team of specialists.

Individual approach
IThe dea that guided me when creating the Sadler studio translates into my style of work. I usually focus on one interior, I do not implement several arrangements at the same time, so sometimes you have to wait for a project carried out by me personally. A joint conversation will allow us to make a decision. An individual and creative design process takes time and knowledge. Please check if my values, for example, in the „WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO ME” tab and the idea for the course of this process in the „HOW DO WE WORK?” they suit your needs.

My clients feel safe because I have built a team of architects, coordinators, contractors and suppliers, which is behind the comprehensive implementation. In the opinion of my clients, this is what distinguishes working with me the most from working with interior designers without such background. Please visit the „ABOUT SADLER” tab for more details.